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Charity was the first form of social work practice in India. Charity means love and compassion for the poor and one’s fellowmen on the religious ground. It is practiced through rendering service to the needy, basically to attain blessing from God. In India the nature of social service in the past was that of charity. It has been found in different scripture of Hinduism like Vedas, Upanishads, and Mahabharata of the Hindu state of India.
In the field of social welfare, Sharp focuses on providing support for the physically or mentally challenged. Activities include employment of disabled persons at a special Sharp subsidiary; job assistance for the physically or mentally challenged in the form of sales opportunities provided to attendees of vocational training centers for the disabled; and career education support for children with disabilities in India. Sharp also undertakes support activities overseas, such as donating to welfare facilities and charities, to combat various social issues and thereby improve the social welfare of local communities.

Shri Ram Sansthan (SRS NGO )